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Chu Yi 厨艺 which directly translates to Kitchen Art was chosen to represent our commitment in delivering quality food for our customers.

A family business with recipes handed down through generations, we started our Curry Fish Head business at Park Mall in 1991. All our flavorsome dishes are based on simple fresh ingredients. It proved to be a successful venture as our curry fish head was a popular must try dish. From there, we realized that we would need to expand our business to include more local delicacies.

In 2005, after much time spent in the kitchen on experimenting new dishes, we moved into the Hong Kong Roasted food business. The appetite for new food business increased. It sparked the beginning of our catering and home delivery business. We want to bring good food to people at our restaurant and we would also like to bring our restaurant to people at home.

Chu Yi Kitchen Pte Ltd
Catering Kitchen
5 Harrison Road
#03-02 Yan Xian Building
Singapore 369645


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  • Contact person: Manager
  • Phone Number/ Hotline: +65-6241 2909
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  • Fax: +65-6241 9209
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