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“Glory Catering” was established in 1954. It was located in the hearts of Singapore’s popular food street, the East Coast Road. It was famous for its Authentic Peranakan Nasi Padang. The moment you step into the restaurant, the wide variety of colourful and delicious Nyonya Kuehs will caught your attention and the nice and aroma smell will caught your appetite.

We were featured in “Coffee Talk and Hawker Woks 2” in 2006. Our most popular Nasi Padang dishes are Assam Fish Head Curry that carries sweet and spicy taste, Rendang Beef, Chicken and Mutton, chewy Grilled Sotong, tempting Grilled Fish with Sambal Chilli, Mashed Potato, Achar… and also the crunchy Kueh Pieti.

In 2007, our Nyonya Popiah was featured in “Snack Attack 2”. We used egg skin for the popiah to enhance the taste… together with no pork ingredients like prawn, turnips, bean sprouts, egg…this becomes a healthier choice.

In 2014, “Glory Catering” was featured in “A Taste of History”. This TV programme talks about the old memory of Singapore streets and interviewed our founder. Recommended authentic oldies Nyonya Kuehs include Kueh Salat, Ondeh Ondeh, Kueh Dadar, and Pulut Inti.

After your meal, you can shop and buy our Spreads, Condiments, Snacks, Beverages… and not forgetting our Festives Cookies too!



139 East Coast Road, Singapore 428829
Openning Hours: 8.30am - 8.30pm
Closed on Monday except Public Holidays
Contact: Tel: 6344 1749

Glory Catering Pte Ltd
94K / 94L Jalan Senang, Singapore 418478

Contact information

  • Contact person: Manager
  • Phone Number/ Hotline: +65-6443 5395
  • Fax: +65-6444 8438
  • Website:

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