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At Gustos, we love to bring cheer to every occasion that calls for a heartfelt celebration. To that end, we do so by offering some of the best catering and buffet catering services, and pride ourselves on being one of the premium caterers in Singapore. Our professional team of highly inspired chefs specialise in the preparation of fusion cuisine to suit every mood and theme. It is our unbending belief that good tasting food plays a crucial role in a successful event and should be one of your most important considerations during planning. Whether it be a wedding, reception, corporate function, party or anything in between, Gustos can provide exceptional cuisine that will impressive even the harshest critics among your guests.


Gustos Pte Ltd
171 Kampong Ampat # 05-05
KA Foodlink
Singapore 368330

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  • Phone Number/ Hotline: +65-6286 3003
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