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Redefining catering experiences

We want to simply qualify an Incredible dining experience, complete with Impeccable service with a high standard of Integrity for all our culinary expeditions.

At Lavish Dine, our philosophy is simple – to give rise to your joyous diversion and complement the jubilation to celebrate. By engaging contemporary gastronomic proficiency, allow our laurels of award-winning creativity to escalate you on a gastronomic luminescene that will astound your gustatory cells and mind. We have yield an assemblage of immense and prestigious culinary consultancy services that is sanctioned to enrich your discerning tastes. From the gestation to the execution of the carte de jour, Lavish Dine has kept in line to relish and feast one’s eyes for only more haute and nouvelle art and masquarades.
We are firm advocates of the highest quality food and exceptional service.


We are only a successful as our last event
Always yearning to ingest and condition, we endeavour relentlessly in taking the Lavish’s demeanour to ignite creativity upon our next event.
The integrity of our food is paramount
Using only premium ingredients, the avant garde cooking techniques as well as incorporating on-the-spot cooking stations, we take pride in ensuring that the quality of your food is of the highest standard possible.
Understanding the personal preferences
Food, like art is unique. Understanding this, we encourage our clients to taste-test their selections of carte du jour and we will ingest the choices and themes in accordance and even beyond their pleasant expectations.


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  • Phone Number/ Hotline: +65-6392 2688
  • Fax: +65-6392 3829
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