Thomson Catering Services


Thomson Catering Services Pte Ltd started in 1969, serving the construction, manufacturing and petro-chemical industries. Started by a humble family, the third generation caterer commenced operations on the oil-refinery island collectively called Jurong Island. Through the word-of-mouth recommendation and support of faithful clients, our family-run catering operations started taking on more food service projects.

With the second generation Management team, our catering business flourished from 1987 when Jurong Island, Pulau Sakra and Pulau Seraya were collectively developed by JTC and EDB into a petro-chemical hub. Jurong Island is an amalgamation of a cluster of 7 small-islands. As a result, many multi-national companies moved to Jurong Island to provide infrastructural construction for this massive industrial hub.

In 1998, Thomson Catering grew to a business corporation company, Thomson Catering & Enterprises Pte Ltd. At the same time, we also attained ISO 9002:1995 certification.

Many projects were secured which include Chiyoda Corporation, Exxon Mobil Chemical, Penta-Ocean Construction Company Limited, Chevron, Obayashi and Plant Engineering Construction Pte Ltd to name a few.


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